Holless and Woolma

Main Character


Monkey-Scorpion (can produce venom)
Chaotic Neutral
Height 11 1/4 inches
weight 2.4 pounds

A cross of a squirrel monkey and a Fat-tailed scorpion. Four hands and a deadly stinger.
He is silent and an expert climber.
He has short fur and “somewhat translucent” skin
This creature loves to eat almost all day, he is omnivorous and an avid hunter.
He is erratic, sometimes aggressively throws fecal matter.
This creature is mildly sensitive to the suns rays
He offers a very strong venom and doesn’t seem to be bothered by poisons.

A master with its miniature double bow. firing multiple projectiles at once. Preferring to aim for his enemies eyes.
He coats his weapons in his own venom.
Holless Rides around on his best friend Woolma, who is a sheep (female).

Items- Holless
Miniature Elvish Double Bow / Side Quiver (holds 24 Miniature arrows)
Miniature Elvish carving knife (attached on small brown leather belt)
Miniature Elvish Backpack (one big pocket only)
{{in backpack}- one container with lid,1.5inch diameter by 2.5inch tall, full of drinking water}

(dress order- belt, quiver, backpack. (backpack straps hold the quiver firmly in place.))

Sheep (can produce milk and wool)
Animal Companion
Height 36 inches (3ft)
weight 240 pounds

Items- Woolma (Elvish sheep saddle bags.)
large pocket left.
three small pockets left.
2. 240 Miniature arrows
3.four containers with lids,1.5inch diameter by 2.5inch tall, two full of drinking water one EMPTY and one full of Holless’s own venom.
large pocket right.
long flat side pocket right.


Was the subject of crewel animal experimentation. Thought dead, He was discarded. Found by a young she elf, Holless was nursed back to health.
In the time he had spent with the she elf, Holless became fascinated with her bow and arrows. The she elf took notice of this and created Holless a one of a kind and beautiful Double bow made from from Mellyrn (smooth and silver-grey), and matching carving knife. Holless Practiced with her for hours daily to be able to use it correctly and craft his own arrows. To fire two arrows at once he would first have to stand on one leg, holding the bow with his other foot (palm up). Then fire the arrows simultaneously with both hands. Holless has also learned how to do this while riding another creatures and/or hanging upside-down.
In the hours Holless was not spending with the she elf, He was in the stables hanging out with the other animals. Holless became the best of friends with a (female) sheep, named Woolma he would ride around on her back for fun and she seemed to like the company.
The she elf also created Holless his belt, quiver, backpack and Woolma’s saddle bags.

Holless and Woolma

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